Why choose an AMFM center?

There are a lot of questions you may have when considering health care options for a loved one. The one question you may not consider is why choose an AMFM care center.

The truth is that there are many places that offer the same services as an AMFM care center.

But the same service doesn’t mean the same level of commitment. That’s because we are your neighbors, fellow church members, and community leaders. We share the same stories, the same values, the same celebrations, the same beliefs, and know that caring for our community and seniors is our number one goal.

We’ve won statewide and national awards and recognitions for our commitment to care.

As proud as we are of those big achievements, it’s the small moments at each center that we celebrate.  After a successful rehabilitation, a patient walks back out of the center to life, friends, and family. When laughter erupts as friends share a moment.  Sitting in the gazebo, watching the sun set over the mountain with new friends.  

Click here to find the AMFM center closest to you to learn about the moments, both big and small, that make a difference.